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Supported Living/Domiciliary Care

We strongly believe in the progressive philosophy of supported living so people can live in more independent and community based accommodations to enjoy full autonomy, choice and equality of life.

Our Supported Living is at the end of the Care pathway for our service users who come in to our various services and progress through to the Intensive Rehab unit to more community based living.

At Proactive Life we actively subscribe to the personalisation agenda and our commitment aims at continue to support individuals with significant support needs within the community.

Our Supported living services are individually tailored to support an individual within a group of supported living environment and will help our service users lead a full life in every aspect.

We focus on:

  • Independent living skills
  • Risk management and safety
  • Relationship and emotional support
  • Health and Safety training
  • Managing budgets
  • Learning to cook independently and/or less support
  • Enhance literacy and numeracy skills
  • IT skills
  • Shopping & budgeting
  • Food Hygiene
  • Infection control training
  • Travel Training

Proactive Life is an experienced and trustworthy provider of the supported living service, a leader in the social, leisure and vocational development of people with complex and challenging needs. Our role is to plan, co-ordinate and deliver individual support for every person who uses our services, enabling each person to live as independently as possible in their own homes, in the community settings. Some people may require only a few hours support a week; others may need continual support and care. Our support packages are flexible and affordable for all, especially those who receive care through direct payment scheme.

Person-centred approach to independent living

From the very outset, we engage by involving people who use our services and their families, carers and care managers, in creating their own unique person-centred plan that takes into account their individual abilities, limits, wishes, preferences, ambitions, aspirations and needs (including health needs), to enable them to live fuller lives in their local community. This plan will look at where each person will live, with whom (if not alone), who will support them and how, as well as identify their lifestyle choices. It will also highlight how and with whom they would like to spend their time. Of course, each person using our services is involved in the selection procedure for their support workers.

Adapting to changing requirements

We recognise that people’s wishes and requirements change over time and during different life span situations. That is why we hold regular individual meetings with people using our services in order to monitor and evaluate the services we offer, and adapt to the plan accordingly.

Proactive Life is able to assist people in renting an attractive and affordable home through one of our many housing provider partners.