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Our Values

At Proactive Life, we work in partnership with service users, their families, carers and/or significant others to deliver the highest quality of rehabilitative service user centred care. This is underpinned by our commitment to respecting people’s rights for dignity, privacy and individuality; we remain focused on the best available evidence base to give individuals the opportunity to progress towards optimum functioning and wellbeing.

The service values that are fundamental to the Proactive Life mission are:

  • The service user is at the centre of all aspects relating to their care.
  • Empowering service users in order that they are able to make their own decisions and choices.
  • The views and experiences of the service users, their families, and significant others are highly valued and actively influence the service delivery.
  • Service users have human rights and are treated with respect and dignity, privacy and individuality.
  • Excellent communication is maintained with all those involved in the service users’ care.
  • Care planning and delivery is maintained with all those involved in the service users’ care.
  • Care planning and delivery is informed by the best available evidence.
  • Clinical care is evaluated and audited on a planned basis and the outcomes inform future care planning.
  • Clinical expertise, specialist knowledge and research are critical to providing excellence in care delivery.
  • Respect for other professionals and the 'pooling' of expertise is the instrument of effective multi-professional working.
  • Using resources effectively to get things right.
  • A positive learning culture promotes an environment in which staff intrinsically aspires to develop and improve their work performance.
  • The maintenance of a blame free culture enables untoward events to be remedied and critical lessons to be learned
  • Supported decision making and opportunity for service users to face reasonable risk