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Our Philosophy

Proactive Life is committed to continuously improving the quality of care for our service users. It is our aspiration to strive to maintain the highest of standards through clinical leadership and a positive organisational culture that puts the service users at the very centre of care. We place great emphasis and value in the consultation process with the families, friends and the referring authorities; we regard this as a critical component in ensuring that the highest of care standards are maintained. Our fundamental aim is to provide an excellent quality of care through a safe and aesthetically pleasant homely environment with respect and dignity providing not only the physical support but also spiritual and emotional support in pursuit of happiness.

In expecting the very soundest of core values, at Proactive Life it is our endeavour to create the best environment for our excellent staff teams, as no service can deliver the best if staff are not carefully selected, well experienced, trained, valued, motivated and their skills and expertise are continuously developed through meticulous supervision, appraisal and training & development processes. We are dedicated to supporting their day-to-day efforts working together by delegation and empowerment, choice and inclusiveness, leadership and guidance, all founded on the bedrock of consistent and regular supervision. Each component of our team is intrinsic in the team drive for quality, together; we help each other to deliver the best person centred care to our service users.

Proactive Life believes that our service users are entitled to the best service and only a fulfilled and satisfied team can deliver the best.